Appointments & Committees

Council Committees – 2022

 Local EMO CAO Bryson Leganchuk, Asst. EMO Melissa Winter
 Road Construction Mgmt. All of Council
 Occupational Health & Safety CAO Bryson Leganchuk, Councillors Collins and Crush, and Executive Assistant Liz Bailey
 Sandy Beach Regional Park Councillor McCall


Lloydminster & District Community Futures:
Councillor McCall

Development Appeals Board:
Secretary – Bryson Leganchuk,
Marilyn Napper, Bill Cosh
Neil Geall, Tom Hougham
Neil Johnson

Lakeland Library Region:
Councillor McCall

Lloydminster Regional Health Advisory:
Councillor Newman

Municipal Health Holdings:
Councillor McCall

Northwest Municipalities Association:
Councillor Jurke

Board of Revision:
Secretary – Liz Bailey
Chairman – Steve McKechnie
Neil Geall
Steven Newman
Ken Rutherford

Hillmond Central Sports Society:
Councillor McCall

Lloydminster Planning District Commission:
Reeve Light, Councillor Collins, Councillor Jurke (Alternate)
CAO(Alternate), Development Services Officer (Administrative), Executive Assistant (Alternate)

R.M. Officials

Chief Administrative Officer:
Bryson Leganchuk

Bryson Leganchuk

Deputy Reeve:
Councillor Division No. 1 — November / December
Councillor Division No. 2 — January / February
Councillor Division No. 3 — March / April
Councillor Division No. 4 —  May / June
Councillor Division No. 5 — July / August
Councillor Division No. 6 — September / October

Municipal Solicitors:
Mike Morris (SARM)

Designated Officer:
(pursuant to the Stray Animals Act) — Administrator

Pound Keepers:
South 1/2 — Kent Thompson
North 1/2 — Kent Thompson
Dogs/Cats — Lloydminster SPCA

Pest Control Officer:

Dog/Cat Control Officer:
Michael Niesen