Council Dates

All Council Meetings are held in the Municipal Council Chambers, Rural Municipality of Britannia No. 502 Municipal Office, 4824 – 47th Street, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.

Council Meeting Time and Dates for 2022

Regular Council meetings in 2022 commencing at 9 AM:

January 12, 26
February 9, 23
March 9, 23

April 13, 27
May 11, 25
June 8, 25

July 13, 27
August 24
September 14, 28

October 12, 26
November 23
December 14

Councils and council committees are required to conduct their meetings in public except: councils and council committees may close all or part of their meetings to the public if the matter to be discussed: (a) is within one of the exemptions in Part III of the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or (b) concerns long-range or strategic planning. Any committee or other body that is established by council solely for the purpose of hearing appeals may deliberate and make its decisions in meetings closed to the public. The Municipalities Act allows council to conduct meetings by electronic means of a telephone, electronic or other communication facility. Members of a council or council committee participating in a meeting held by means of a communication facility are deemed to be present at the meeting.