Overweight & Gravel Permits

Overweight Permits

Please contact Road Data Services for all Overweight Permits for the RM of Britannia No.502

ROADATA:  1-888-730-3745
OR Visit their website: Roadata Website
OR Email: permits@roadata.com

The RM of Britannia #502 is committed to keeping an open conversation between our team, and the people whom use our roads.

The RM has decided to let Road Data Services look after the paperwork of permits.  If the RM of Britannia decides it needs to ban a road, we will ban particular roads as needed, and let Road Data Services know so that they can pass that information along.   We will continue to send these mass emails when road conditions need special attention.

The Department of Highways has reduced the weights allowed on their provincial highways to secondary weights. Our RM, allows any individual power unit (truck), that has an annual primary weight permit from Road Data Services to haul primary weight on RM roads.  If required, overweight permits can be attained for single day trips in  the same manner.

If a vehicle leaves one of our roads while hauling primary weight, they will need an overweight permit from whichever entity is responsible for that road.

Saskatchewan Department of Highways – Link

Gravel Extraction Fees and Road Maintenance Agreements

FORM: 27-2021 Gravel Extraction Bylaw

The Municipalities Act allows Municipalities have the authority to pass a bylaw to charge gravel crushers and extractors a gravel extraction fee.

Please fill out the Gravel Extraction Declaration. If you estimate to haul 10,000 cubic yards or more, please pay a pre – extraction fee equal to the product of the the estimated volume of gravel or clay to be extracted multiplied by the rate prescribed in section 4 of the bylaw.

The current rates are as follows:

  1. $0.175 per cubic metre or each cubic metre; or
  2. $0.134 per cubic yard for each cubic yard; or
  3. $0.094 per tonne for each tonne; or
  4. $0.088 per ton for each ton of gravel

(GST Additional)

Final gravel extraction fees are due March 31st the following year.

Road Maintenance Agreement (RMA)

FORM: 26-2021 Road Maintenance Agreement Bylaw

The construction and maintenance of a municipal transportation system is one of the most costly items involved in a municipal budget. When an excessive amount of wear and tear is put on municipal roads, it can cause thousands of dollars in additional maintenance costs.

According to The Municipalities Act, a municipal Council may require any person to enter into an agreement with the municipality to provide funds to cover additional maintenance of any municipal road within the municipality.

For short term hauls, the contractor shall pay the compensation with 60 days of the completion of the haul, based on verified quantities.

For on going hauls, the contractor shall pay the compensation in on a monthly basis, based on verified quantities.

Please note, If you will be hauling primary weight, you will need to obtain an overweight permit from Road Data. You can contact Road Data at 1-888-730-3745