Greenstreet Pavement Project

Starting Monday May 2, 2022 work will begin on Range Road 3265 from 798 to Greenstreet Road. The work will consist of repairing soft area within the road surface and placing a 50mm overlay. The construction period will be from May 2, 2022 to June 15, 2022. Please note that the will be alternating single lane traffic with workers and equipment on the road. Please follow all construction and traffic signs. We would like to express our thanks for your patience with the delays caused by this project. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project please contact Michael Glavin at 306-830-6618.


The new reverse osmosis water system will be installed on May 4, 2022. The predicted schedule for the installation will involve the following:
– 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on May 4, 2022 the construction crew will be installing the new water system and the water to the residents will be off during this time.
– A precautionary boil water advisory order will be imposed for a minimum of 24 hours after the water has been shut off and will remain in effect until Water Security Agency
gives authorization to remove the precautionary boil water advisory order.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michael Glavin, Operations Manager at

Greenstreet and Hillmond
We are now moving into the next phase of the Water Meter Installation Process. We anticipate the start date for this phase to be April 2nd, 2022.
This phase will require our plumbing contractor to enter your premises. You will be contacted by a representative of Lloydminster Plumbing and Heating to setup a time for the installation.
There will be no cost to the homeowner for the installation of the meter or any associated components.
We would like to express our thanks for your continued assistance in this process.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the installation of the meters please contact Michael Glavin at 306-830-6618.
For administrative inquires please contact the RM of Britannia Office at 306-825-2610.

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Welcome to

R.M. of Britannia No. 502

The Rural Municipality of Britannia No. 502 has a geographical area of 950.87 square kilometres. Located within the RM of Britannia are the Hamlets of Greenstreet and Hillmond. The boundaries extend east to the RM of Eldon border, west to the Saskatchewan Alberta border, north to the RM of Frenchman Butte border and south to the RM of Wilton Border.

The Municipality is located in the heart of the Heavy oil industry and has a highly skilled workforce and a growing population of just over 2150 residents.

With a clean environment, wide-open spaces, abundance of raw materials, lower land and housing costs, reasonably priced and highly reliable electricity, natural gas and telecommunication services, the municipality is a prime spot for value added processing and manufacturing. The picturesque wooded hilly areas of the municipality combined with the scenic views of the Big Gully and North Saskatchewan River valleys offer many attractions for nature lovers, hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts in addition to excellent non-farm residential development opportunities.

Our Vision

To be a thriving, sustainable rural municipality in which all our actions are governed by our fundamental values of honesty and integrity, respect, accountability, transparency and open mindedness.

Municipal Transfer Station

Forms & Maps

Overweight Permits


In your tax notice, you would have received a double-sided paper with a Dial My Calls Authorization Form on one side and a Resident Resource List / Emergency Special Needs Form on the back side.

Please fill these forms out and return to the RM of Britannia Office located in Lloydminster, or the Waste Transfer Station located within the RM.

Dial My Calls is a system to alert the ratepayers of any emergency situations. Dial My Calls sends text or voice messages to your cell/house number. There is no required downloading of any apps. Just simply fill out the forms and send them in.

2021 Canada-Saskatchewan Drought Response Initiative

The 2021 Canada-Saskatchewan Drought Response Initiative provides financial relief to help offset the extraordinary costs livestock producers face related to the current drought, with a per head payment on female breeding animals.

See the link below for more information and the Registration process.

RM Laneway Snow Removal

Snow flags are available at the office for a cost of $30/each or $100 for 4. A Snow Removal Waiver MUST be signed prior to a RM grader entering your property. You have the option to fill out the form online by clicking here.  You also have the option to print off the form and sign and return it to our office by:

Faxing 306-825-8894;
Mailing to R.M. of Britannia No. 502, Box 661, Lloydminster, SK, S9V 0Y7; or
Dropping it off at 4824 – 47 Street, Lloydminster, SK, S9V 0Y7


NOTE: To all Ratepayers who purchased 2% liquid strychnine this year;

Please return the Product Evaluation forms. This information is required to be submitted to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture 21 days after initial application of the product. This information is essential for determining the future of the Richardson Ground Squirrel program.

** If you have not yet picked up the strychnine you purchased, please do so as soon as possible. Pick up times are Monday and Friday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. only. **

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


In an effort to improve the safety within the Municipality regarding cell reception, it has been that anyone with a complaint, send an email directly to

Colleen Young at:
with locations and concerns.

We encourage you to spread the word, whether you live in the Municipality, or just travel through, Please send your emails!