Britannia Fire Department

About the Britannia Fire Department

Britannia Fire Department was formed in December of 2016 after the dissolvement of the Britannia Wilton Fire Department, which was started in 1989. The Britannia Fire Department provides a high level of service to our ratepayers with a highly trained team of experienced firefighters and nine (9) fire apparatus to be best suited for all types of emergencies both within our boundaries and when called upon by our neighbors. Our dedicated team is continually expanding its training and knowledge in all areas of response. 

We provide firefighting, inspections services, public education and many other aspects of emergency response. With a proud history and a desire to expand and grow our team, reach out to us today to find out how you could become a member by calling our fire hall at 306-825-0558.


Please do not call the RM office or the Fire Hall if there is a an emergency. Please call 911 so that all the necessary services and personnel can be dispatched.

For all other inquiries

For any non-emergency questions or concerns, the fire hall can be reached at 306-825-0558

If you require a Burn Permit, please call the RM office 306-825-2610. For more information about burn permits, please visit the Burn Permit page.


  • Chief - John Bexson
  • Deputy Chief - Gerry Yaremy
  • Captain - Shane Fritsch
  • Captain - Blair Collins
  • Lieutenant - Kelan Whitrow
  • Lieutenant - David Wallace
  • Dean Loerzel 
  • Ian Brett
  • Travis Hirtle
  • Ron Thornton
  • Dean Segberg
  • Kim Lider
  • Chad Smith
  • Scott Yanota
  • Fiona Mcrae
  • Zack St. Denis
  • Kory Petrie
  • Michael Gray
  • Asher Quiring
  • Liam Gilby
  • Rhett Yaremy (jr firefighter)
  • KC Rutherford
  • Leah Andrews
  • Tom Lundrigan
  • Mekaela Lundrigan
  • JM Ares

Fire Board Members:

  • Reeve - John Light
  • Councilor - Jim Collins

For more information...

Check out the Britannia Fire Department Facebook page.