SUBDIVISION Applications

Under the Planning and Development Act, 2007, "subdivision" means a division of land that will result in the creation of a surface parcel or the rearrangement of the boundaries or limits of a surface parcels. 

In Saskatchewan, Community Planning (a branch of the Ministry of Government Relations) is the approving authority for all subdivisions and all applications for subdivision must be submitted to them. It is important to note that a plan of the proposed subdivision must be prepared by a Saskatchewan land surveyor or a registered professional planner

As a part of the application review process, Community Planning refers to the RM's OCP and Zoning Bylaw to ensure that the proposed "new" subdivision and remaining parcel are both compliant with municipal planning policies and regulations. Community Planning must also consider the Statements of Provincial Interest and all other applicable Provincial legislation and regulations. 

The RM is one of the many organizations that Community Planning refers the application to for comment. Council considers the application and provides recommendations to Community Planning for consideration in their decision.

Note: Rezoning may be required to support the proposed subdivision. Please refer to the Development Services Bylaw Amendments page for more information about that process.

THinking about Subdividing?

If you are considering subdividing, please review the resources listed below and contact the RM's Development Services Officer to further discuss your plans. The DSO can help you understand how the RM's OCP and Zoning Bylaw apply to your potential subdivision and help connect you with additional resources. 

For More Information...

Please visit the Government of Saskatchewan's Municipalities and the Subdivision Process page.

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