Gravel Extraction Fees & Permits

FORM: 19-2023 Gravel Extraction Bylaw

The Municipalities Act allows Municipalities have the authority to pass a bylaw to charge gravel crushers and extractors a gravel extraction fee.

Please fill out the Gravel Extraction Declaration. If you estimate to haul 10,000 cubic yards or more, please pay a pre – extraction fee equal to the product of the the estimated volume of gravel or clay to be extracted multiplied by the rate prescribed in section 4 of the bylaw.

The current rates are as follows:

  1. $0.194 per cubic metre or each cubic metre; or
  2. $0.148 per cubic yard for each cubic yard; or
  3. $0.104 per tonne for each tonne; or
  4. $0.097 per ton for each ton of gravel

(GST Additional)

Final gravel extraction fees are due March 31st the following year.