Burn Permits

How to get a Burn Permit

Burn permits are required throughout the year and are available to no cost. Permits may be obtained by calling the RM office and providing your contact information, location of the burn, directions to the location from the Britannia Fire Hall, what you are burning, and the dates you plan to burn. Please note that any burn permit issued by the RM office will only be valid for three (3) days. 

Once burn permit has been issued, you are  required to contact the Prince Albert Call Centre to advise them of your permit, before you start.

If your controlled burn has not been permitted by the RM and and has not been reported to the PA Call Centre, you will be charged by the Fire Department for responding to your location, if dispatched by the PA Call Centre in response to a 911 call. The RM reserves the right to cancel any and all permits as required. 

Recreational fire pits are exempt from permits. Burning barrels, fireworks, and all other fires require a permit. 

When in doubt or to obtain a permit, please call the RM office at 306-825-2610

Burning of Grain Bags

According to the Ministry of the Environment, it is illegal to burn grain bags on public OR private property.  Fines for burning grain bags range from $0 – 1 million dollars based on the severity of the offense. The most relevant restrictions related to grain bag burning can be found in The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2002, under Section 4(1) – Prohibition on discharges and in The Clean Air Regulations under Section 11 – Prohibition, burning.

CLEAN Grain Bags and Baler twine are now accepted at the Waste Transfer Station for your convenience.

For more information...

For more information about responsible open burning in Saskatchewan, check out these Government of Saskatchewan documents:

Best Practices for Open Burning (2021)
Open Burning Synopsis 

For information about fire bans, daily fire danger, and active wildfires, please visit this Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency website: https://www.saskpublicsafety.ca/emergencies-and-response/wildfire-status